Employee Year-Round Care

Help your employees to better address urgent everyday health concerns.

Employee Year-Round Care makes it easy and flexible for your employees to receive medical care when they need it, in clinic or virtually.

Employee Year-Round Care includes:

Physician visits in clinic or by video.

Booked same-day or next-day, including Saturdays.

A team collaborating on care.

Combined expertise and service of our Year-Round Care physicians, registered nurses, referrals and client care coordinators, and medical records team.

Advice and assistance 24/7.

A Medcan nurse is on-call to provide medical advice whenever needed.

Global Travel Medical Assistance.

Assistance during a medical emergency while traveling outside of Canada.

On-site X-rays.

For same-day results.

Worry-free post-visit care.

For both in-person and video visits, a team of client care coordinators will work immediately to secure follow-up appointments with a specialist in our best-in-class network and coordinate prescription filling.

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